Little Angel

Look at her in her home town. Pls if there’s anyone that can support them should try and help with the little we all have. It’s so heartbreaking to see this little girl go through hardship wallah. We wish everyone that’s sick Allah mercy and quick recovery amen.

Assalam brothers and sisters. This little angel here needs our help as soon as possible, they are about to be throw out of the hospital because of debts and money to carry out the second surgery for the little girl. Hanjin cikin tane a waje, anyi aikin farko saura na biyu amma ba kudin karasawa sannan ga bashi. Pls just assist them with any amount possible.

They came to us crying and seeking for help. We told her we will try our best to see before Monday if we can raise the amount needed and if we didn’t succeed they will be discharge .

What is needed for the second operation and their debts is 280,000 ( two hundred and eighty thousand naira only ).

Please if you know anyone that can assist or support this little angel, help share with them

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